Height (at the time of kidnapping):
4 feet (should be around 4 and a half feet now)
Complexion: wheatish
Built: slim, with long arms and legs
Face shape: round
Eyes: wide black eyes
Teeth: Bucked


Mother Appeal:


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Family Blog

When your child is kidnapped ,it is different than an accident or sickness or any such thing. It creates a void in your heart that ''nothing'' and ''nobody'' can fill. You have to relieve the nightmare everyday when you suddenly happen to stumble upon a cartoon that he loved or eat something he liked. This mishap has turned my world upside down and i miss him a lot!
    I miss being hugged and kissed after coming back from work or sharing meals with him or even teaching him how to play marbles. When i was with him i saw my childhood in everything he did and RELIVED mine through him. The fact that he looked so much like me and had the same habits as me, only made me love him even more. I still remember how in most cases he would agree to what i said just to make me happy. I can fill pages writing about HIM. But that wont change the fact that it has been 17 months and we have not been able to get him back. Therefore, i appeal to the entire community to help us so that we can get a clue about his where about. I am still OPTIMISTIC!!

Papa loves you tejas!!
Rajesh gaba



Sometimes when one person is missing the whole world seems DEPOPULATED. Yes, that's how my life without you is my dear brother. This separation hurts so much because our souls are connected. The people that have taken you away cannot take away the love that i feel for you in my heart. The treasured memories we have shared together can never be taken away. I love the way you used to dry my tears away and put a smile in their place. There is just one thing i want you to know I LOVE YOU and this love will bring you back to me one fine day. Your absence has gone through me and my family just like a thread through a needle. We just feel so helpless because we cannot do anything to bring you back and it's been 17 months now, our eyes are tired of waiting and crying for you to come back. I just need some more strength to bear this awful pain. We were together but now we are apart and words cannot describe how i feel for you. I miss your care and your kind words....i miss our plans together....i miss the way you used to fight with mom when she scolded me......i miss the way you make me smile...... and moreover i miss the way i could become a kid with you. My dear brother i don't know what and how you feel about me but for me this pain is unbearable and the missing is in the air.

HITI Love's You


Human life is extremely ironical. On one hand it can sprung up a surprise for you and on the other hand it can shock you in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams and bring you unparalleled grief. Unfortunately for me and my family the latter came true, when my brother, Tejas was kidnapped. I would not like to go into the details of how hard or difficult it was for me and my family to cope with what had happened, since it has been 17 months and it is a little too late for that. At this point i am not looking for sympathy, wise analysis or brilliant answers. All i want is 'my brother'. Unfortunately that will not happen until somebody provides us with any information or clue about him.

When a tragedy like this strikes you, you never really get over it because it happened to somebody you love so much. However with time, the tears dry, you meet new people, venture into new things and then after a while you just become USED TO IT. But unfortunately the gap in your heart remains!! There were people who helped. people who prayed and people who felt for us. And then there were people who gossiped about us getting on too soon with our lives or people who simply didn't care. But all this did not matter because i did not have the one thing i wanted so bad!!

Despite all this there is a part of me that believes that he is alright and will be back to where he belongs i.e. with his family.

Dear Tejas
I miss you sooo much and cant wait for you to be back. I want to tell you bed time stories, teach you subjects, talk about school, shop for you, bully you and get bullied.

Divya Di


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