Height (at the time of kidnapping):
4 feet (should be around 4 and a half feet now)
Complexion: wheatish
Built: slim, with long arms and legs
Face shape: round
Eyes: wide black eyes
Teeth: Bucked


Mother Appeal:


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It is a matter of rare chance when somebody's fantasy coincides with your reality. But somehow it happened for us when we had tejas.He had a striking resemblance to the character of ''ishan'' in the movie ''taare zameen par''.Be it his bucked teeth or his habit of getting lost in his own parallel universe which is full of wonderful thoughts. With his sweet voice he can fascinate you to extremes. He is basically fond of aeroplanes, always wanting to become a pilot just like his chachu. He could watch aero planes for hours together and always fought for the window seat during any flight. We used to sleep while he was lost in his imaginations looking at the wing of the aero plane. He is not fond of electronic toys but toys he can operate manually, and toys which he usually made himself using his own imagination.. Only two days before this kidnapping tejas had lost the spoon and marble race at his school and was upset about it. He kept promising me that he would surely win the next race and make me feel proud. In school of all the subjects math's is his favorite. He is basically shy by nature but freaks out with children of his own age.