Height (at the time of kidnapping):
4 feet (should be around 4 and a half feet now)
Complexion: wheatish
Built: slim, with long arms and legs
Face shape: round
Eyes: wide black eyes
Teeth: Bucked


Mother Appeal:

   Call  us at:  +91-9416054321      

Wherever you are we will not let you down. We will do whatever it takes to bring you home. Be strong my son. I still have believe hope, that the almighty Shiv Baba is with us. So we will definitely come out as winners out of this hard situation.

We were like any other normal family leading a perfectly normal life which for most part was filled with joys and sometimes even sorrows. But on 12th December 2008, it all went wrong and things changed. When I woke up that morning it seemed like a routine day to me That morning tejas was ready for school by 6 30 and just for making me happy he promised me that he'll complete all his notebooks and assignments in school. One different thing he did that day was ,he woke up his father, kissed him and bid goodbye to him.

        As we left home for bus stop at 7.35,while waiting for the school bus tejas asked me for a chocolate and while i was buying it ,a car (HONDA ACCORD silver colour ) came from behind. A masked man came out ,pulled my son into the car and when i tried to stop him he fired at me and drove away at great speed. I tried to chase them in my car but it was of no avail as i lost track of the car. What followed were a few RANSOM CALLS. Every time they asked us if the money was ready However we could not just give it to them because  they were not giving us a valid proof to believe that tejas was with them. Since MARCH 2009,we have no inkling of our son and also we have not heard anything from the kidnappers. Every time i see an unknown number flashing on my phone ,i get hopeful that it might be from the kidnappers. They might give me some news of my son or ask for some ransom. Even though its 1year and seven months, I strongly believe that one fine day he will come back home. These 17 months God has been with me like a shadow, strengthening me every minute and i believe that he is also taking care of tejas. Raksha Bandhan was very disheartening as both of his sisters with tears in their eyes tied rakhi to Lord Krishna. Then his birthday this year on 27 October was terrible for us. The fact that he waited anxiously for it the whole year only made us miss him more. His father and i went to Vaishno Devi as we believe matarani had blessed us with him so we went to Vaishno Devi to bless us again with tejas. We prayed for his safe COME BACK. Though it has been months i have not run out of patience. Our prayers will not go unanswered .I am even ready to forgive the kidnappers and pay them whatever they want. I seriously believe that in my sons company they will also change for good, because at the end of the day they also have a heart be it the heart of a son, a brother or a father.......

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